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oh the joy!

I see the ENL has an editorial today.

Don’t you love it? It must have some very excited, those that actually have a subscription or pay to view online.

I know what my blog numbers are on this debate. How many have actually read documents. I will surmise since those in opposition are employing Facebook, which is the lazy mans message and cause platform, are much better.

Don’t we all rail , I have, when the ENL goes the other way. Endorses the wrong guy or gal, or simply just doesn’t get it.

If “it” is your it.

I have made phone calls after an article on some debate, stopped people in grocery stores. “Did you read that editorial, article?”

The answers  always makes me want to find out for sure how the paper is even paying for itself.

I really hope you all understand where I am coming from after all these years.

We take the Sunday Globe and I will ask major players if they have read what I viewed as an important article.

How about a front page article on Franklin NH?. Peter Francese has even used that Town as an illustration of his downward spiral theory. “Nope , I missed that article”.

Franklin has a fellow using his own dough to try and help the Town off it’s knees.

My older brother’s dentist is in Franklin so I have actually been in that Town in the last few years. You do when driving through think to yourself  “gee this could really be a nice place.”

The fellow in Franklin has had some problems bringing townspeople and government to his vision. In a full reading you will probably determine as I did, personality matters. Out and out passion really wears on folks, most people are simply not that passionate about anything. It can be off putting as it puts the less passionate in a difficult spot. How can anyone make a decision on science or some grand scheme, especially if because of family , career, or personal issues,  they are someplace else, all the time. I know where I am these days, at the Mill, nursing.

I am still completely flummoxed by the intensity of this TIF debate, and it’s for a host of reasons.

Honesty is the primary one.

We got that  old dam down ! Why? because despite all the wrangling  over history and personal misty memories, it was the  right thing to do. The voters knew that and responded.




no writers block

I just called Don Clement to tell him no post tonight. While he and I are at odds right now we speak with each other constantly. I have written 5 posts each two paragraphs and deleted them all. That Q&A session last night at Town Hall that I viewed today really threw me. No one was treated in an ill manner by the panel. Geez ask the question please especially those with 15- 20 years of Board experience.That is simply too  long , please consider retiring.  It’s time for some change. Let’s enact some term limits for these Boards. Some seemed really put out . Gwen English  a Community member just like you and me wanted special treatment.

I am not kidding.

Plus all that canoodling between Dan and Laurie was driving me nuts. People were speaking and Dan was having a great old time.

What the heck is going on in Town? As a third party I just have tons of questions what this is really all about.

It can’t be about wetlands.

I have to mull this over.

Good night