Tree work

Many neglect the trees on their property.

It usually costs a pretty penny to hire a qualified outfit to do the work. Neglecting your trees puts you in peril.

That photo of a pine tree left to grow too tall landing on a house. Maybe right through a bedroom ceiling.

Here in my neighborhood and around town the Arborists are very busy . There is a job underway now a few doors down. Some companies arrive with very high end equipment . A huge crane and a chipper that could shred telephone poles

Hey have you seen the new telephone poles going up? A significant increase in diameter.

No snapping when you hit one. Do not hit a telephone pole.


Non stop really as we get high winds here and these monster trees, the house killers and power line snappers have to come down.

We took down 2 huge ones the day we owned this new spot. Another had come down on this place while it was in probate before the sale. Just creased the rear of the house. They left the upturned stump for us.

You have to tend to the trees.