Forward redux

This was a very exciting event and it just boggles my mind that anyone thinks that swerving off course is a good idea for the Country. Don’t  fall prey to a siren song that would wrench us, back , back , back, down an already well worn path.

When Obama was elected,  given the State of the Nation and World, I told my Aunt the Country would give him a year.

That’s exactly when the carping began.

So impatient, quick fix, make it better, now.

I have personally far fewer issues with Government than I do with the governed.

How do you like them apples?

Obama is the only leader that is telling us the the truth.  There is so much work to do to make things right and I want a President  that is unfettered with future campaigns and sucking up.

In your second term you have room to maneuver and “they” know it.

It’s these next 4 years that I have been waiting for, and wish we could change the  terms to 6.

Do the right thing, do the smart thing.

Vote Obama.