I stopped off at Me & Ollies for my  loaf of bread, but today’s delivery of the “Healthiest Bread Ever” had not arrived.

Don from Upright Fence was completing the installation  of this beautiful fence above the parking lot. I had to ask what was there before “chain link ” he replied. “Funny ” we both said at the same time, how one forgets what was there before, when things are improved for the better.

In this case, way better.

You could, as a property owner put up just any fence, perhaps some crappy stockade, or another chain link.

I had to tell him that the boxes covering the galvanized posts was really a nice touch! One would only say that if you actually were there , as they were being concealed. I mean to say that I’m pretty sure I have seen such structural supports left exposed on other fence projects.

Once that concrete retaining wall gets a coat of paint it will really look great. This is  very nice addition to our beautiful downtown.

My hat is off to the property owner.

Thanks so much for going the extra mile


P1050344Inn at the Bandstand


a rising tide lifts all boats

President Kennedy used this phrase often, kept it in his pocket. It was given to him by an aide that  spotted it being used  by a chamber of commerce. When the EDC meets today could they consider a blight ordinance? I think that abandoned gas station  on Portsmouth Ave  needs a lot cleanup. Despite the downturn you simply  have to keep your property up to snuff.

It’s a community.

Lawn parking should be talked about too, and project boats that will never be launched. I will also suggest the Planning Department compile a list of  commercial properties in Town and what you can build on them. What type of business would  fly without any major issues. Projects that  would not require high theater and country  lawyers  browbeating   zoning boards.