Annoying bridge

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The condos at  this site are going up. I used to dock there when it was a  restaurant. Portsmouth could use more dock space for transients.

The completed project will be for 4 condos, nice  just four lucky souls. Now if they could get that bridge condemned they really would be sitting pretty. If you look at the  conceptual drawing you don’t want a condo on the bridge side. The walkers on the bridge could be so annoying. That bell ringing every time they raise the bridge( every half hour 7am -7pm). Maybe a really bad  performance of Grease could be torture if you took the Prescott Park side, decisions decisions.

Let’s not forget  all the hell that  Susan Conway had to go  through to get the deal done.

This article below  mentions Malcolm McNeill. I love any chance to spotlight  this fellow.  Whose strategy was the biker bar  ploy?

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Here are the options from the Save Our Bridges  site. Interesting that  removal is on the list huh? I found this after writing the post.There is lots of potential for  funny business on this deal. One Harbor Place Condos has some players that might want the bridge issue resolved. The  Judd&Cyrus  Harbor  Tunnel? Let’s think big people.

For the Memorial Bridge, the options that remain are:

  • Rehabilitate the Bridge (Funding for this option has been applied for under the Stimulus Program)
  • Replace the Bridge (Remove the existing bridge and build a new bridge of similar design to replace it)
  • Replace with a Bridge downstream from existing bridge (Build a replacement bridge 60 feet East of the existing bridge before removing the existing bridge)
  • Close and remove the Bridge (leaving no crossing between Kittery, Badgers Island, and Portsmouth)
  • Replace the Bridge with a Pedestrian/Bicycle bridge (Remove the Memorial Bridge and build a new span)

UPDATE 2/23/10

No money  on the way for repairs. NH along with 9 other States got no monies for special  projects. Stamford CT lost a project long in the works for downtown, a significant transportation project.

Zip line across the river?

Anyone want  to invest in a bicycle ferry?

Keep your eyes  on this one.

That  bridge is so annoying.