Morning in our Community

On October 2nd we can try this again and leave unfounded fears at the door.


Stephen Collins Foster (July 4, 1826 – January 13, 1864)

original lyrics

Hard Times springs from our period of Civil War


Let us pause in life’s pleasures and count its many tears,
While we all sup sorrow with the poor;
There’s a song that will linger forever in our ears;
Oh Hard times come again no more.
Chorus:Tis the song, the sigh of the weary,
Hard Times, hard times, come again no more
Many days you have lingered around my cabin door;
Oh hard times come again no more.
While we seek mirth and beauty and music light and gay,
There are frail forms fainting at the door;
Though their voices are silent, their pleading looks will say
Oh hard times come again no more.
There’s a pale drooping maiden who toils her life away,
With a worn heart whose better days are o’er:
Though her voice would be merry, ’tis sighing all the day,
Oh hard times come again no more.
Tis a sigh that is wafted across the troubled wave,
Tis a wail that is heard upon the shore
Tis a dirge that is murmured around the lowly grave
Oh hard times come again no more.

coffee with the chief

I rolled through the RR parking lot yesterday morning to just check the lot and area after the passionate BOS meeting the night Prior. I drove past Chief Kane who was in a cruiser at the mouth of the lot. He too was just checking things out, enjoying a cup. I was without java, as I was on my way to pick up morning coffee to enjoy with my Aunt Connie

The train loaded with those that keep our local economy so vital was barreling it’s way to Boston on time.

On my way out of the lot I see the Chief had repositioned his cruiser  so I pulled up to his window, to chat.

“How many spots open did you see Mike?” he asks.

“Four, and one that could  be used if the  driver was thin enough to exit their car after parking”

A large pickup truck had a tire well over the line.

So that’s 4 cars that were parked on Lincoln Street that could have been in the lot.

I understand, your train is due in 3 minutes as you careen off Front St onto Lincoln, and roar towards the station.

Should I dump the car or cruise the lot, no time for shopping today, no dry cleaning drop.

One of my sisters  lives in Alexandria VA. I have not visited in some time, but we always used her Metro stops for exploring DC. I had to ask her yesterday about distances and walking times to her stations,  I also could not remember if there were parking garages. I always found the stroll easy and pleasant.

Braddock Metro .9 miles 24 min.

King street Metro .68 miles 19 minutes

Only short term.  People either bike, walk or locals park in the local hoods.

Granted this is rapid transit, and it’s schedule is a bit more frequent. They do however need to get to the Pentagon on time.  I would suggest those using the Exeter Station  leave their homes a bit earlier to allow for better and more sensitive parking decisions. We were treated at the BOS meeting this week to  a discussion concerning a commuter having to walk an additional 30 seconds.

One other thing came up during my coffee chat with the Chief. I told him that I did not think mixing commuters in with the Lincoln St school lot is a prudent idea.

It would be fine, I guess, in Summer months and School vacations, weekends. I just think that given issues with school security anyone “on campus” during school hours should have school business to conduct.

I spent my high school and some post college days in the northern suburbs of Chicago in Deerfield  . The Town made international headlines in 1979(towns that take down old dams that  serve no purpose also generate big news and interest) with the erection of this sign at their RR station. The morning commuters were causing traffic backups saying goodbye. The Town owns the copyright to the sign.

Deerfield train station Google maps

Chicago Tribune article on kissing/no kissing zones