Norris Brook Culvert UPDATE

We just came back from dinner at Hagens Grill in Hampton, we love these Living Social coupons. On our way  back in we crossed over the Norris Brook detour. Doozie wondered when  this project was going to get started, getting a bit tired of it. I sent an inquiry and here is the reply.

The precast culverts are being constructed off site (both of them). It takes 4-6 weeks to build them.

Starting the first week of June preparations will begin on Water street and the Parkway (parkway becomes 2 way traffic.)

Second week in June the Water street culvert will be delivered and installed.

Third week in June road work and drainage will be done on Water Street.

Last week in June final work (paving, guardrails) on Water street.

After the 4th of July similar work starts on the Parkway and should take most of the month.

Now you know, what I know.


Norris Brook Culverts

Three fifths required.

956 yes

843 no

Either way you voted, at least you voted, imagine bitching about  it and  you opted not to vote?

There were no “big ” issues.

Nope, just the regular housekeeping that  has to be done in a Community.

Now we will see the impact of that vote, we will feel the impact.

It’s quite significant.

Water  Street will have to be one way at the failing  culvert. Maybe as early as next week. We will have to employ the Swasey Parkway too as a one way road outbound.

Traffic  along this stretch of Water Street  will be detoured to the middle of the road over the  failing span inbound.

A  traffic light  fix will not meet the goal  of reducing traffic over the decrepit culvert. That yellow post is a gas line marker, a large high pressure gas line. There are sewer pipes and water pipes  crossing the culvert too.

If we are all honest we  agree the job is not just the culvert. Water  St outbound beyond the culvert  has been and is a mess. It probably was built on top of the same  lousy fill under the entire Swasey Parkway Area.

Is this the time to think about  raising the elevation of the road relative to high tides, now and in the future?

Newport Beach and other communities on California’s coast are planning to build up wetlands, construct levees and seawalls or move structures inland as climate change raises sea levels.

Just asking the question.

Not a small job.  I have asked several times today “How fast?” I would pay full price for a  fast job.

If you  had the prefab culvert( please use a prefab unit) a crane, the utilities sorted out, good weather, and a cracker jack crew chief. Could you do it in 3 weeks?

Well there are permits to get , it’s tidal.

Tell em it’s an emergency and get the permits, get them .

Have you seen enough ? I  have  more photos,  but  they would be embarrassing to some and stress inducing to motorists.

Next to this marker on the Swasey Parkway is this scene.

The stone work is hiding  all the problems, this one is in big trouble too.

A engineer  has submitted a report which cannot be ignored. Newfields Road has 6000 trips a day.

We need to get this fixed  it will cost 550k, if we need to vote again let’s do it.

Please don’t utter “it wont bother me” “I don’t go that way”

That  is  not community speak.


Traffic patterns will be altered all over the Exeter grid. If you live here you do the mental exercise

DPW  will have to “go around”  due to weight restrictions

Fire emergencies

School  bus  altered routes

No yummy? hot dogs this year.

Police  details.

No Revolutionary festival

No Farmers Market  on the Parkway

No parking on the Parkway

No Band Concerts on the Swasey

No sitting in your car reading, having lunch on the Swasey.

2 Summers of this mess


The mouth of the Swasey at the Boathouse   will have to be altered, median removed,speed bumps removed.

The Budget Committee has been apprised of this  culvert’s condition  for years.

Call the Town and tell them you  support a  special vote to address this emergency.

Next  up on the Crier, 130 new apartments downtown. More toilets. Call Peter Francese, we got  growth!

Stay tuned