The Big Bash

P1040929 If you were not holding one of these ducats you missed a great party and Community event last Saturday.

Hope to see you at the next gala Exeter Area General Federation of Womens Clubs  event.

Everyone connected with the planning  and execution, the membership as a whole , and supportive members of the Community all should be commended for a stellar night. Great friends, libations, an auction of elaborate themed gift baskets, all to celebrate the 60th anniversary  of this significant organization of local women.

They do so much.

P1040883Past Presidents were honored for their service, you can can see Barbara Blenk in the back row, long the face of Town Hall who was visiting  town and able to attend.

P1040884My good friends Bob Moore and Dick Kruppa serenaded the crowd , and Bob let  me join him at the mike to close “Blackbird”.

Such fun!


P1040894Russ Dean our Town manager went home a big winner!

P1040911Bryce Lambert and Marisa Gjurgevich were up for the event from Cambridge as was Jeffrey Lambert from Northampton. Alex Asacker of Boston a school chum at EHS got caught up with both of the gents.

They both knew( and kept mum) I was to receive a booster award from the Club, for which I remain , very honored.

DSC01113This last photo is from our family album and was taken about 1989, at the old Stratham Fire House. This was the location of the Club’s Bunny Breakfast, just one their many fundraisers down through the years.

We had just  moved in on Locust Avenue in Exeter and attended.

img072Linda/ Jeffrey/ Bryce

Before you went upstairs to the function room you could let the kids climb into an old fire engine.

When we were sitting down enjoying the breakfast I spotted my new neighbor from across the street  Jeanne O’Sullivan, in her green club apron.

I said to Linda, “This looks like a very strong organization, you should join this outfit”

She did, and at the next year’s  Bunny Breakfast I was washing dishes in the kitchen at that firehouse. It has been just a pleasure for me to be affiliated with such a fine group of Community women. The Club really formed all of our social relationships through these many years

This Thursday evening Linda will be installed with Jane Veilleux  and they will serve in the upcoming year as Co-Presidents. Despite the busy schedules of all the members they still find those among them ready to lead.

It’s going to be another great year!



P1040235Tomorrow morning at 9am(5/23) we will be dedicating the Great Bay marker at Stewart Park. A gathering, a few words on the Great Bay Estuary  and a great  many thanks will be expressed to all that facilitated this project. I just swung by the park and Luann Faber was there planting some new salvia.

See you in the morning.