slicing and dicing

January 25,2011

Some highlights from last night.

A retiring heavy equipment operator at DPW &  Police Sergeant position  will not be immediately filled. Placing a hold of 6 months on these two slots will save 87K. Throw in a hold on a Water & Sewer Tech slot and add 36K to the total. The paving budget was cut 50K,there  were  some sundry items, for a total of about 217K.

This action by the  Board of Selectmen  was not the result of off the cuff decision making. It was truly a demonstration of a collegial board working with department  heads, responding  to the pulse of the street and  keeping it civil.

No show boating.

This current budget is now  barely  a breath  beyond last years  number. This will/should  cut a total of about 2 hours off the  Deliberative Session.

Be there.

I hope   the complete Jady Hill project is approved and completed. If not now, when? I have spoken to  Town Officials regarding what I believe the role of Government should be on this issue. I believe the waffling has contributed to  a sense  that the Community  believes we have a choice.

No we don’t.

I saw an article  recently  on the web about a guy that moved to NH  and was saving 15k a year vs his last  hideout, NJ.

The article was about moving to avoid taxes.

I asked a very environmentally engaged fellow how much he would pay for  a cleaner Squamscott River, Great Bay.

“A thousand would you pay an extra  thousand a year?”

“Well I dunno, I don’t think it would cost that much to clean things  up”.

How much  is it going to cost?

I lived in that Town  when  we built a new high school

I lived  there when we all paid for a whole new water and sewer system and drainage for that  lovely neighborhood on the hill. Those same folks should be thanked for  helping to clean  up years of neglect of the River & Bay. The residents of Jady Hill should be recognized for their participation as homeowners in this project.This is a giant step, the seminal event that will  insure  the  bright future of  the Squamscott River and Great Bay.

We bought 4 fire engines.


A community  pool.

We should issue badges to citizens when we complete a huge project. Hell, we could charge you for  the badge too!

“Oh  I see you  have the ground water  treatment plant badge!”

“Baby,come on over and I will show you my  library badge!”

I thought Mr Knight thanking the 4 Selectmen last night was a nice touch especially his inclusion of  Matt. I am sure any  list of cuts Mr Quandt  may have had could  have been communicated, via Blackberry.

I hope that our Deliberative Session this year  is model of  decorum,  absent rancor,and a stellar example of  Community participation to  conduct  business.

My hat is off  to the Board of Selectmen.