Our son Jeffrey has vacated Philly, we will miss visiting him in that great city, you should consider a trip there soon.

There is much to see, along with the significant history the city is truly dedicated to art and has some fine examples of architectural flourishes, absent these days from most new buildings.




I have a boatload of photos from various trips to this wonderful city and it’s environs.





On the last trip some time ago we saw a very nice installation of yarn bombing.



Yarn bombing, yarn graffiti, is as most graffiti , done in a surreptitious manner, but it is so much better than spray paint.

I was in to Exeter Fine Crafts yesterday selecting a birthday gift for my sister in law and spotted a donation can for Tagit for Womenade on the service desk. I made my donation and  got some details from the staff. I had seen the Wanted Poster on Womenade’s web site but was unsure how the art would be accomplished.  I am sure other businesses are participating in the Community.

I believe Exeter Fine Crafts will be utilizing a small tree just outside their front door on Water Street. This graffiti will not be done in the middle of the night,and is raising money for a terrific organization . So if  you are skilled with the needles and have  some whimsy in your heart, you might contact them and offer to lend a hand, well two hands.