Rain garden update

It was just last year  at this time that the rain garden was designed and executed. I was out running this morning and thought the garden looked terrific, one year  later. I had to go home and get the camera to share the results. You can  view the pics from a year ago  below from the  post when the garden was initially laid out.


Founders Park Rain Garden

I  spoke with  Phyllis Duffy  today  at Founders Park ( Public Library).  Phyllis works in our DPW Dept. She  has been building a rain garden with direction  and physical  help from Jeff  Hyland the principal of   Ironwood Design and his staff.

Take a stroll down  to inspect this artful and functional addition  to our  beautiful downtown. Jeff  Hyland also provided the design for the  Park & Recreation building on Court Street a few years ago.  That design has now matured  and is quite striking. When we  did our  home addition some years ago we commissioned Jeff   for a yard torn  asunder. The design he submitted was  executed with  few changes. I still consult  the plans and plant lists  he  provided and they form the backbone of  our gardens.  Phyllis had an extra copy of  Jeff’s  plan which has the list of plants utilized in the rain garden.

Thanks to all who worked and donated their time and materials  for this project.

Stratham Circle Nursery, Stonepost Nursery, Churchill’s, and Seacoast Farms Compost Products.

Jeff Hyland, Jay Perkins DPW, Conservation Committee, Park& Recreation Dept,Exeter Public Library.