Exeter Fire Department training

I was zipping by the Fire Station after the fish ladder stop and stopped to watch some deft ladder handling. This is an important skill for the operator to be  able to get that ladder extended and on target.

2014-05-17 10.38.21

2014-05-17 10.39.26

2014-05-17 10.39.55

2014-05-17 10.39.58

2014-05-17 10.40.11Bingo!

It was here that I noticed the debris on my camera lens. You can clearly see the difference between the top two pics and the final three, so clean that lens!


Ginning Up The Story

I was home  cleaning my basement( the water  plant guys were  coming over to change my water  meter) when I  heard the sirens, then spotted a news chopper circling Town. WMUR had the news on their site,  asbestos in the Post Office, 40  people affected. Then later  carbon monoxide was named the culprit, but here at home we couldn’t figure the connection with  solvents, we figured an idling truck or car near an air intake. I am not trying to solve the case, but that’s  what we surmised  here at home.

In third grade if one kid lost his lunch in the cafeteria you could figure on 3 more doing the same.

The Exeter Fire Department  fulfilled their charge last week. They responded , triaged, coordinated transport of upwards of twenty  affected postal workers, and vented the building.  The Fire Department  has not spoken to  Seacoast Media  Group since last Thursday.

In a vacuum SMG is  making  something out of nothing.

I would leave  the chemical analysis with the experts. I am sure OSHA is all over this incident as well as Postal Authorities.

In a vacuum SMG is  making  something out of nothing.

“You just wrote that”

I know.

Oh, by the  way.

If you are friendly  with your mailman you already knew the work environment was toxic.

This is an outfit that hires other  people to follow mail  carriers around with a clipboard,timing them. This  is an outfit that  cuts deals at  a loss, to deliver 2.5 lb Restoration Hardware catalogs.

That  promptly end up in the bin.

I bet there  is a real story at the Post Office that  could shine a light on the work environment and the organization’s moribund mission.

This emergency response was simply a story about a Professional Fire Department taking care of business.