How To Avoid Going To Prison For Your Paycheck Protection Program Loan: Advice From Former Federal Prosecutors

Paycheck Protection Program loans may seem like “free money” for small businesses, but you need to be careful. Based on their experience with abuses of prior crisis-aid programs, former federal prosecutors warn about serious legal risks.
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silly season

“Between 1979 and 2013, productivity grew 64.9 percent, while hourly compensation of production and non supervisory workers, who comprise over 80 percent of the private-sector workforce, grew just 8.0 percent. Productivity thus grew eight times faster than typical worker compensation.”

I am sure you as I have seen this fact above in the last few weeks, if you are reading. I have heard and seen it brought up many times.

Just an aside, when I heard Mr Bush had visited Mr Prescott’s place of business I was excited! I was away most of last week, and raced up to Winter St on Friday morning to check it out. Maybe such a visitor would be an impetus for change.

No luck, but at least he moved the pallet pile.


Mr Bush stumbled at a campaign stop  back in July with this statement.

“We have to be a lot more productive … It means that people need to work longer hours and, through their productivity, gain more income for their families.”

Jeb Bush

The fundamentals are askew really, they are messed up. The Boston Globe has an article currently regarding salaries of college graduates from top area schools. A Pharmacy School leads the list.

I wouldn’t wish a life working short staffed at  Walgreens on anyone.

“Come back in 3 hours, it will be ready then”

The comments section on the Globe salary story shreds the reporter. It seems to me more of this class war, so now even the college grads are being hammered.

PhD’s , plumbers and pharmacist’s manning the barricades together.

15.00 an hour.

Finland has a significant social experiment pending of bestowing a basic income, they have not yet set on a sum.

This new plan would replace their complicated welfare programs.

The new Labour Party head in the UK and our own Bernie Sanders made me remember this fun exchange.


3 years and still no answer

Police Chief Richard Kane said late Wednesday afternoon that police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding Brackett’s death. He did say police had recent contact with Brackett prior to his death but he wouldn’t elaborate on it.

“It was a juvenile matter and I’m not going to discuss it more,” he said.

I am not leaving Town without full disclosure by the Exeter Police Department on the facts of this tragedy.

I was away at the time caring for my brother Steve in Plymouth NH while his wife took a much needed break.

My phone rang and a friend informed  me that this young man had committed suicide.

The part of the story that still has not been confirmed but is still talked about around Town is that police officers may have contacted him about a matter, at football practice.

In front of the team.

That was communicated to me that day in Plymouth. I immediately  called Coach Ball, no comment. Mike Morgan , no comment.

Aaron Sanborn the reporter for the Newsletter could get nothing from Chief Kane.

I asked for my Selectmen to follow up, nothing.

I just watched Superintendent  Morgan on tv with all the area Chiefs of Police discussing school safety.

I had to turn it off.

If it is true that police did this, went on  campus, then there should be consequences for everyone involved.


Board of Selectmen Meeting

There will be no meeting this evening because Ann Surman cannot attend. I had to make a call to determine why there was no meeting tonight. Just looking for some other information on the Town website over the weekend I spotted the cancellation. A friend this morning wondered why I was concerned, “maybe they are all on vacation”.


“Your kidding right?”

This was a meeting that I was going to watch as we have one month before School begins  and there is much left undone around Town. If we don’t have this meeting there will be no discussion for a month.

We have 5 selectmen and can suffer for decision making sake having one out for the  evening.

I suggest that tonight’s scheduled meeting be held and we get cracking on making sure we are ready for back to school time.


UPDATE: Brian Griset and my buddy Jayne just informed me Dan is out tonight too.

So that’s it then I guess, no meeting, no information on TV, in newspapers, on blogs.


Enjoy your Summer and forget about  Back to School.

Linden St closure

Good Afternoon All,

The Linden Street Bridge project will begin on Monday, July 6th and is expected to continue through October 2015. The project involves removing the existing culverts and replacing them with a concrete bridge. The contractor, George R. Cairns & Sons, will be setting up equipment and materials at the site over the next 2 weeks. They anticipate beginning demolition of the culverts on Monday, July 20th, which means that the bridge will then be closed to all traffic until the end of October. Traffic will be detoured via Pine St, Court St and Gary Lane, as shown on the attached PDF.

We are having an informational meeting about the project on Thursday, July 9th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm in the Nowak Room at the Town Office, 10 Front Street. The contractor, project engineer and DPW staff will be there to discuss the project and answer any questions you may have.

Please share this information with neighbors, tenants, customers, employees, etc. to help spread the word.

Feel free to contact me or Jay Perkins (773-6163) with any questions you may have.

Thanks and have a great weekend!
Jennifer Mates, P.E.
Assistant Town Engineer
Public Works Department
13 Newfields Road
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 418-6431