“What’s with that boulder ?”

Mark Damsell has done it again, through direct action he continues to demonstrate his love  and respect for the Swasey Parkway. Mark also keeps his eye on Route 85  with his one man trash cleanup every year, from end to end. Doozie has been inquiring about this boulder every time we float by on the River. I had no answer for her.

I am sure many others were wondering as well. A giant boulder in of itself is not much of a landscape feature though  it’s widely used.

We  might have figured Damsell had a hand in the mysterious boulder.

Well, today we get to see the finished product of  Mark Damsell’s efforts . The stone cutter is just about ready to begin sandblasting the face of the 6 ton  boulder with a Welcome message. It might be all done by the Farmers Market today, so stroll on down.

The boulder was donated by a fellow in Kensington.

Another gent brought his backhoe over to  provide a depression in which to place the stone.

Al’s Automotive weighed in with a big wrecker to haul  and place.

A  local organization  quietly provided some  monies.

It’s done, well, almost.

The tape marks  the location of a bronze plaque with a  simple engraving. The name of Ambrose Swasey and the date the Park was opened.

Bravo Mark Damsell!