Pease & Poop

There is some news on the continuing issues with  the Pierce Island(Portsmouth)  sewerage treatment plant. .


There is  little mention of the outfall  pipe location from an environmental perspective after moving the poop to Pease. It is unacceptable  to move the outfall pipe up river. It is beyond the pale to suggest it. The only option is to  pipe the poop to Pease, treat  it, then send it back to Pierce island  and the existing outfall.  It is so  interesting to me  that again Pease  pops up. The Pease cracker jack team  says , oh we have no problem with you sending poop. We know that you will do the right thing. That you will  build a state of the art sewerage treatment plant. What is the current state of the Pease  plant , does anyone know? I would like to know.

You cannot put an outfall up the River. The tide would carry  it all the way back. Any gains the  Great Bay  has experienced will be erased.

The outfall pipe is the story.

This Post of mine received little interest back in May.  Many people I have spoken with  had scant or zip knowledge of this  innovative solution. It can take all  that storm water that cause CSO’s and treat it slowly. It takes huge pressure off the WWTP.  I bet this method is also  able to store & transport sewage. Chicago uses a huge tunnel I believe.The tunneling  technology is knocked.


Sea & Sky

The unpleasant and  mysterious discharges continue in the Squamscott River. This was taken Sept 6th 2009. I have to tell you, I don’t even report it anymore. I was actually thinking a more militant posture is  needed by those that want to Save Great  Bay. How much longer are we going to talk  about it? If you were invited to an all day seminar on the State of the Great Bay would you  pay attention? If you were a significant player would you feel compelled to  learn as much as you can and network with other  officials? What would you think of someone that brought their knitting? Oh, to be King for a day.

Here are some pleasant  shots.

The Thomas  Leighton passing Whaleback Light, on it’s way to the Isles of Shoals.

The Leighton is  really a local treasure.

We are both underway  in the Piscataqua River.

If you look very close ,there is  center console  hard top just barely visible, it was a funky morning. This is the route 16 bridge.

The best kind of wake.

Stopping at  Dunkies before leaving can make the River to Bay transition a very tight squeeze.


Under tow  from Dover, docking at Ceres Street. Kyle was on board, I had dropped him in Dover where the Gundalow had been  visiting  using my boat earlier in the day.

A  working water way is so interesting, although  the harbor at  Monte Carlo still  has significant allure.

Monrovia, anyone sure where that it is? All I see is  Groucho in a uniform.

Still an issue at some point.

This was a project that  appeared to  require more than two men.  If we ever build a new bridge over  the Bay this old bridge will  be used somehow  in the process.

Our Harbormaster Bud Field  keeps his  sturdy vessel  moored at  Newfields landing  in the Squamscott.

Kyle, at work.

Tall Ships at Portsmouth NH

That’s the  Stratham fair chopper  ride you can see. If I  zoomed it you  can tell he is coming out of a dive, yes a dive. I can assure you that  many people  got  a thrilling ride from what I could see. Love to see the FAA rule book on  chopper rides.

I snapped this in DC  this Spring.  Mine might be roll  clouds except for that spike.

The link  below has some  great cloud pictures.