Bain & Company announces services alliance with OpenAI to help enterprise clients identify and realize the full potential and maximum value of AI

/PRNewswire/ — Bain & Company today announced a global services alliance with OpenAI, the research and deployment company behind the AI systems ChatGPT,…
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How To Avoid Going To Prison For Your Paycheck Protection Program Loan: Advice From Former Federal Prosecutors

Paycheck Protection Program loans may seem like “free money” for small businesses, but you need to be careful. Based on their experience with abuses of prior crisis-aid programs, former federal prosecutors warn about serious legal risks.
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Not “ fentamol”.

Just heard this 3 times on a news broadcast. About 3 years there was a conference in Maine to discuss their opioid deaths in the State. There had been a spike then a drop off. It was suggested by a participant that perhaps every at risk person had tried the drugs and died.

There numbers are back up.

Everyone should be able to pronounce it correctly.