winter prep

We had a Limelight deal coupon and raided the garden jar( there is no jar) to buy 2 red twig dogwood for the border. Churchill’s has a 20% off deal running today. This plant really shines in Winter, the red twigs poking up through the snow.

I heard  the ski resorts are selling season passes like mad. It’s attributed to pent up demand as last Winter was for skiers, no fun. I hope the skiers get all the snow they want on the mountains, and we get nothing here on the Seacoast and enjoy another easy Winter. People that market ski resorts will tell you that no snow at home spells trouble for them. The person that skis on a whim, or only  a few times a season, well, they  forget about skiing, if they have have no snow .

Snow in Boston means good things for  NH Ski resorts.

Last year I did not have to start the snow blower, it was all shovel work,  a broom.

While it’s probably bad mojo , the blower is headed in this Fall for service, which I have never done since buying it years ago used from Mr Bragdon over in Stratham.

He was a great guy, while at his shop he often would be pestered while working on some fellows old mower by a bumble bee or some winged insect. He then would stop and literally  converse with the pest, at length,  reason with it, then the bee would bumble off. He used to carp about people getting these crappy old mowers repaired at his shop too

A charming gent. That  used snow blower is  going on 12 years easy.

This is the time to buy some new shrubs, an ornamental  tree, a load of bulbs , and get them in the ground. It’s a real kick in Spring to see your reward for an hour out back.

“How many inches are we getting?”

“Geez, I should have gotten those bulbs ”

It  just sneaks up on you.


Churchills New Greenhouse

Out and about last Saturday we stopped by to take a look. I can always be persuaded  to  check out a greenhouse.

I just  like them, especially in Winter.  Churchill’s has installed a radiant floor heating system to address the temperature issue.

                                    A confused  dandy, all alone out back. I could not find another while raking.