Just came back from the Stratham store with a few things. Passing by the “specialties ” freezer I thought about grabbing a box of Italian Ices.

Unless you are a pomegranate flavor fiend, forget it, the case was cleaned out.

A young man  was working hard to restock, but it was slim pickings.

It’s Stillwells tonight, I call ahead for a quart of my jones.


12oz versus 16oz

The ginger snap is my Fall cookie. Perfect for the jacket pocket when raking leaves or taking Bailey for a long walk. Little has been said during this economic downturn about cookie shrinkage. In my book when a  chocolate chip  cookie  is the same size as a ginger snap we are in real trouble.

I was in Demoulas (grocery store) yesterday doing the shopping. On the way  in I spotted a gaggle of  grocery types piling in a SUV. Yes,  there is a grocery type. I inquired of the Store Manager  as to who they were. “Hanaford”  he says, “checking us out”. Interesting. You do know right , that Demoulas kills the others in customer counts? We have shopped at Demoulas for  21 years. I say that to inform , not impress. On arriving here in Exeter we  shopped both  stores, Shaws & Demoulas. We compared  a few grocery tapes then  selected Demoulas. My Aunt likes Shaws so I am in that store  once a week. I think all that walking is good for her, sometimes.

I do wonder though with all the talk of sustainability  how we can support 3 giant grocery stores. Demoulas will at some point  be  a  larger store. I just don’t see the volume . I often wonder how much food gets tossed. I think we will see one of these stores  wink out. My bet is Stop & Shop.

On another note. Do you think those two lots out  in front of Shaws are big enough for anything?