In the morning

There will likely be a raft of letters in the Newsletter to read from the Community and Party members , exhorting one to vote for their candidate or candidates. This is how we are going to do it this year I guess. I really am not hearing a great hue and cry over the odious introduction of Party politics,  but perhaps that will be quietly demonstrated at the Talbot.

The re-election of Don Clement and Julie Gilman.

I was at the Town offices this morning  registering a car and spoke to both of them briefly.

I said goodbye but had to rush back in to have Julie call the police.  An accident right out front, no injuries but a day ruined for two young women. That  area with those parking spots in between two lanes should be navigated with care .

There is a candidate  forum tonight at Riverwoods, I am not sure if the Community can or will see that . Perhaps it will be taped and shown later, it’s a special audience. I am not sure that they have the  same concerns as the general Community.

It’s getting a  little late  in the game too.

So let’s just say we had one candidate  forum really, a few letters in support of Mr Brady , several  from a close neighbor  two from Stratham, some door knocking, a mailer.

Oh , and I doff my  hat , a very  strong  campaign photo, and laudable track record of volunteerism for someone who already has had a very long career. Those activities are  all outside of what most construe as Community business.

The  Newsletter, rising to new heights, in this case I guess, lows, gave Mr Brady the most backhanded endorsement I have ever read , it’s ridiculous .

“However, we remain concerned about Brady’s perceived affiliation with a political group in town who are hell bent on attacking the Board of Selectmen and Exeter’s town manager every chance they get. We don’t need a board member who will create conflict but someone who will provide conflict resolution when issues arise.”

Mr Brady is also quite a letter writer of strong political content, as is Mr Ferraro.

I wish that activity  was put on hold while serving as Selectman, I doubt with this tag team that will happen.

“Perceived?” You would have to be asleep not to see what is going on.

So that’s all you have to make a decision and I would hope you might  consider that in your face Party affiliation and realize the problems inherent in selecting Mr Brady.

We don’t do that, identify by Party and we have never done it.

It will not accomplish anything but drive a deep wedge into the very fabric of our Community.

Some would love that, you will be reeling if you participate.

Controversy after Controversy.

You know Frank Ferraro had no experience on any Community board prior to his election after losing at the State Rep level. He had simply appeared at a few meetings, asking questions.

He  slipped in during some mayhem, such as we are experiencing right now. It just  has not worked out  for the greater Community.

Most would agree.

I have heard several times a citizen approach the Board to  offer their services, to serve. Sometimes they  aim too high, and are gently rebuffed. It is suggested they get their feet wet a bit. This process also allows  those who are engaged and actually watch Planning Board Meetings, and the Zoning Board to take  measure of the person.

The Zoning Board never fails to impress me with their deliberations, and cogent discourse.

Mr Brady  has never shown up at any Town  business meetings, and he left the Deliberative Session early, which surprised me. One should at least try and cobble together a public persona once stepping forward , to lead. Maybe he thought no one would recognize him leaving. That campaign photo provides great cover for moving about.

Funny, but a little sad too.

He needs some seasoning in Community affairs for sure before I consider him selectman timber.

I would hope, almost expect, a true Community member to realize that falling into lockstep for Party over Community is simply wrong. I don’t want to get all Children of the Corn on you, but should you do  this, you are not of the body. You have decided to chuck all that.

How’s that for you?

Joe Hill please call me .

I actually  desire a vote count of zero for  the Party candidate. To put a stake through this personal campaign  of Mr Griset  and Frank to push a candidate. Mr Brady has not made any attempts to distance himself,  he is all in for Party.

When Brian and his cohort’s call this weekend why not simply tell him he has made a grievous mistake.You will don your skin  for State and National races,  but here, in your small Community you understand that this will not work.

It has to  be Don Clement and Julie Gilman.

I hope you understand and will join me  at the Talbot to vote for the Exeter Community.



doing the peoples business

15 Hours after getting sworn in to the Board of Selectmen, Julie Gilman
and Don Clement meet with Governor Lynch to discuss FEMA assistance that
could be made available to the Town and its residents for damage from
the recent flooding.