A bit of personal sharing.

I awoke  to find this enthusiastic message from our son Jeffrey who is enrolled at Drexel University in Philadelphia securing his Masters degree in  Library & Information Science.

“2 A+s and one A! AND I got the job at Drexel! I had training this morning and am wrapping up training tomorrow night. Should be a fun job.

Next term starts on Monday, looking forward to it!”


Moving ever forward with  youth on his side. This latest gig  mentoring  work study  students will be job 3 for the Summer.

At about  this time  last Summer he was 1000 miles into the  Appalachian trail.

We are  unsure as to when he sleeps.

Turn your faces to Old Sol today!



Haiti Redux

My oldest  brother Matt returned from Haiti this past weekend. It was his second visit to render aid. He had traveled there with his wife Donna back in February . Donna was unable to accompany Matt this time. His diary about that first trip can be read here

On this trip he was in Carrefour which is close to Port au Prince. That’s Matt  in the baseball cap. Matt is a general surgeon of almost 40 years  coupled with significant management experience in hospitals. He is  the guy you want on your team , pick any activity.  We are all very proud of Matt and his work.

Here is a note from Matt.

The situation is unchanged in a number of areas, most notably the tent cities which, if anything, have become more permanent. The people remain resilient and the streets are crowded with people going to and fro and every foot of space is occupied by some small entrepreneurial activity through which people try to make a living. Some of the schools are open but the place is still a wreck. Very little in the way of garbage or trash collection, etc.

Medical care is still problematic and it was frustrating for us to see patients who needed hospital care but couldn’t get it. The hospitals are open only certain hours, they restrict new patients and they cost money.

It will take many years for the country to right itself but only with a lot of help and a lot of money.

Have a great Thanksgiving.