I would have thought there would be stories about mosquitoes in the news  by now, with all this rain. Last Summer we had alot of news regarding EEE and that health threat.   I spoke this morning with our Town Health Officer and Assistant Fire Chief Ken Berkenbush to get an update.

The sporadic  nature of the rain has not filled ditches to allow  pools to form  and provide a nursery.

Also for those larvae that are present the driving nature of the downpours wreaks havoc on them.

Ken spoke with his entomologist recently and that fellow said that our count is down and we cannot expect ( as I did) an onslaught once the weather clears.

I would still suggest applying repellent when engaging in outdoor activities.

While checking on Mosquito News I ran across this product for repelling teens. It would seem adults cannot hear the mosquito sound(I can) and also are not irritated by it.(I am, especially in a dark bedroom or tent) enough to flee. So someone developed a device that emits that annoying sound and it’s used to drive teens out of malls and off street corners. I am not kidding, here is the link to the manufacturer.