Pease & Poop

There is some news on the continuing issues with  the Pierce Island(Portsmouth)  sewerage treatment plant. .


There is  little mention of the outfall  pipe location from an environmental perspective after moving the poop to Pease. It is unacceptable  to move the outfall pipe up river. It is beyond the pale to suggest it. The only option is to  pipe the poop to Pease, treat  it, then send it back to Pierce island  and the existing outfall.  It is so  interesting to me  that again Pease  pops up. The Pease cracker jack team  says , oh we have no problem with you sending poop. We know that you will do the right thing. That you will  build a state of the art sewerage treatment plant. What is the current state of the Pease  plant , does anyone know? I would like to know.

You cannot put an outfall up the River. The tide would carry  it all the way back. Any gains the  Great Bay  has experienced will be erased.

The outfall pipe is the story.

This Post of mine received little interest back in May.  Many people I have spoken with  had scant or zip knowledge of this  innovative solution. It can take all  that storm water that cause CSO’s and treat it slowly. It takes huge pressure off the WWTP.  I bet this method is also  able to store & transport sewage. Chicago uses a huge tunnel I believe.The tunneling  technology is knocked.


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