Board of Selectmen Meeting

There will be no meeting this evening because Ann Surman cannot attend. I had to make a call to determine why there was no meeting tonight. Just looking for some other information on the Town website over the weekend I spotted the cancellation. A friend this morning wondered why I was concerned, “maybe they are all on vacation”.


“Your kidding right?”

This was a meeting that I was going to watch as we have one month before School begins  and there is much left undone around Town. If we don’t have this meeting there will be no discussion for a month.

We have 5 selectmen and can suffer for decision making sake having one out for the  evening.

I suggest that tonight’s scheduled meeting be held and we get cracking on making sure we are ready for back to school time.


UPDATE: Brian Griset and my buddy Jayne just informed me Dan is out tonight too.

So that’s it then I guess, no meeting, no information on TV, in newspapers, on blogs.


Enjoy your Summer and forget about  Back to School.

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