Norris Brook Culvert UPDATE

We just came back from dinner at Hagens Grill in Hampton, we love these Living Social coupons. On our way  back in we crossed over the Norris Brook detour. Doozie wondered when  this project was going to get started, getting a bit tired of it. I sent an inquiry and here is the reply.

The precast culverts are being constructed off site (both of them). It takes 4-6 weeks to build them.

Starting the first week of June preparations will begin on Water street and the Parkway (parkway becomes 2 way traffic.)

Second week in June the Water street culvert will be delivered and installed.

Third week in June road work and drainage will be done on Water Street.

Last week in June final work (paving, guardrails) on Water street.

After the 4th of July similar work starts on the Parkway and should take most of the month.

Now you know, what I know.