Fresh Fish Daley

Fishmonger calling .


Dear FFDers, If you hear from me twice in 3 days it’s cause I’ve got some stuff worth mentioning. They say we’re going to get stuck inside Sunday and Monday, so here’s a few items to throw on the grill this weekend:

1) Fresh Wild King Salmon…..fillets or steaks

2) Halibut …boneless steaks …perfect

3) Tuna ..extra nice yellow fin

4) Fresh Day boat Squid…don’t know how to grill it , but people do..rare and nice quality

5) Swordfish ….$12.95 nice new fish

6) Snapper.. got nice mangoes to concoct something on the side

7) Jumbo Shrimp…call we’ll peel them or we have imported already cleaned

8) plenty of others..


Fresh Basil and tomatoes to place on either St A’s baguettes or Karimah’s pita bread

Beautiful asparagus…pretty much more of the stuff I mentioned on Wed..but like I said: these new arrivals are worth a peek at .Come on down…thanks for your time,


Fresh Fish Daley

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