deft manuevering

This past Tuesday morning I ran the scow up to Newington, NH to observe the girder lift on the General Sullivan Bridge over Little Bay.

I found a fine spot, dropped the hook and tuned my VHF radio to the action.

One of the tugs was asked to  respond to  radio commands  with mic clicks after a  bit, “your a bit loud ” The tug that was using the penny whistle continued on, assenting with it’s sharp reply, but the flavor  of the exchanges was altered.  I was so enjoying the musical conversation too! It was a bit windy  and while fixated on the action and trying to keep the camera steady I noticed ( at the right time) my anchor was  dragging.

Boat sense. Every new season and this is an early one, it is imperative to both maintain your vessel (no matter the size) and cast off the landlubber ease.

Your on a boat.

The operation was performed at slack high tide which is a tiny window in that area. I was really impressed with the entire operation. It was due to be lifted at 11am ,the barge hove into view at 1045.  Right on time, then maneuvered under the span,performed a very smooth pivot, and the huge girder then was hoisted to the deck above. I waited till it was off the deck and on it’s way up, then went  back down the strait to  chat up some oyster farmers working a new bed. I shot a little video and after this the  camera went kaput, it’s on way to Canon now for  a repair. This is the one with no viewfinder, what a mistake, especially for  Osprey’s on the wing.

Here are several more photos.

Coming off the deck.

This beams only motion was straight up. It was really a   masterful production .


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