a rising tide lifts all boats

President Kennedy used this phrase often, kept it in his pocket. It was given to him by an aide that  spotted it being used  by a chamber of commerce. When the EDC meets today could they consider a blight ordinance? I think that abandoned gas station  on Portsmouth Ave  needs a lot cleanup. Despite the downturn you simply  have to keep your property up to snuff.

It’s a community.

Lawn parking should be talked about too, and project boats that will never be launched. I will also suggest the Planning Department compile a list of  commercial properties in Town and what you can build on them. What type of business would  fly without any major issues. Projects that  would not require high theater and country  lawyers  browbeating   zoning boards.


1 thought on “a rising tide lifts all boats

  1. christine

    It’s all about pride. Pride in self and community. Take pride in your home and when thinking about your community understand that prosperity does not come from complacency. Those that thrive accept change and contribute to the changes that they want to see.

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