Out of State license plates

I just checked myself as it’s been a question for quite some time. I was stopped at a traffic light in Seabrook NH. 2 years ago. About to take a right South on Rt 1. A car with Florida plates slewed around me and sped South. Two young people in the car. I have seen and experienced other incidents and always it’s an out of State vehicle acting up. Don’t know about you but when driving out of State I’m on my best behavior.



N Dakota

I swear to you if I was a cop on patrol and spotted a Wyoming plate in Ipswich I got questions.

Haverhill was loaded with NH plates. The problem we have is people disregarding laws about registering their cars where they live . The cops ignore it too. It has been made to be a “big deal” to get citizens to comply. Look it up you will see it to be a long drawn out process.

Obscured license plates and tinted windows grind me to no end.

This all popped in my head reading another news tale about ” no license, no registration or inspection and 5th OUI”.

So this morning I checked myself “Am I the only person noticing all these out of State plates?”

No, I am not .