Roof update for IOKA

The IOKA has been inspected and will be shoveled tomorrow. Walgreens and Globe Plaza are done . All flat roofs are doneĀ  in Town other than Burnham Cleaners on Lincoln.

The Exeter NH Fire Department on the job, keeping us safe. Well as safe as they can you are responsible for your roof at home and with rain coming it’s time to get it off.



The Exeter Fire Dept was very nice this morning in their full response to my boat floating free from the mooring. I had dropped my own mooring for Winter to a low tide height and was using Bud Fields mooring while waiting for a new trailer hitch to arrive to be able to haul the scow out.

Buds shackle to his mooring chain let go. I should have inspected it to make sure the bolt was moused.

I was most fortunate the tide was inbound.

Word for the day.


n. Nautical

A binding or metal shackle around the point and shank of a hook to prevent it from slipping from an eye.
Thanks again to all that assisted and called my cell to alert me.