No excuse today

Stratham said no to teachers
399 no
140 yes

Stratham Town Meeting turnout ?
Perhaps splitting the votes between School & Town is not a good idea. In 2010 Stratham had about 15% of registered voters show up. 969 of them, for their Town Meeting.
When you opt out, stay at home, are you satisfied with the other guys vote?

Don’t pick up the paper today, just more drivel. More fear mongering, focus on the dregs, woe is us stuff.The picture they paint every day is jarring, it’s not my view from here. There is no way  but forward and we must put our heads down and do it as members of a Community. Hunkering down is not the   strategy to employ in these times.It really should be saved for the most dire situations

I cannot imagine what is going through the minds of children these days. I hope you keep your voices down at home. Try and maintain some semblance of adult behavior.

“My Mommy says you make too much money”

“Oh she does huh?”

Get a grip, stand up and get moving!
VOTE YES  on Article 13