40,000 years

I read about the  British  sending  aircraft to Libya to extricate some oil workers. This was early in the “crisis” .

People seeking freedom precipitated  a crisis and now we are preparing to rain bombs on “command & control facilities”.

Same old, same old.

In that report  about the  Brits evacuating oil workers, ( oil, oil, oil) I  read one line about some other crews  hitching a ride. A large group that has been working on a massive project, The Great Man Made River.

The what?

Under all that sand, and I guess even under all the oil, is a vast  water reserve.

Fossil water from the last  Ice Age.

The aquifer is not being replenished, but at  the current withdrawal rates the water could last a thousand years. The aquifer touches 4 Countries.

I have been checking to see if  the now stalled water  project  is making much news,  it’s been sketchy. It’s certainly not on the Google News front page. I do that sometimes, hunt for what is  missing  from the  news juggernaut.

Oil is  a  much more dramatic story for those controlling the narrative.

Water, enough for a thousand years, holds more promise for life and our collective future  than oil .

Great Man Made River