3 years and still no answer

Police Chief Richard Kane said late Wednesday afternoon that police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding Brackett’s death. He did say police had recent contact with Brackett prior to his death but he wouldn’t elaborate on it.

“It was a juvenile matter and I’m not going to discuss it more,” he said.


I am not leaving Town without full disclosure by the Exeter Police Department on the facts of this tragedy.

I was away at the time caring for my brother Steve in Plymouth NH while his wife took a much needed break.

My phone rang and a friend informed  me that this young man had committed suicide.

The part of the story that still has not been confirmed but is still talked about around Town is that police officers may have contacted him about a matter, at football practice.

In front of the team.

That was communicated to me that day in Plymouth. I immediately  called Coach Ball, no comment. Mike Morgan , no comment.

Aaron Sanborn the reporter for the Newsletter could get nothing from Chief Kane.

I asked for my Selectmen to follow up, nothing.

I just watched Superintendent  Morgan on tv with all the area Chiefs of Police discussing school safety.

I had to turn it off.

If it is true that police did this, went on  campus, then there should be consequences for everyone involved.