Sullys Ice Cream


Stopping by Romeo’s the other evening I noticed that Sullys Ice Cream has vacated the Burnham Strip on Lincoln Street(even a small investment  in the facades by the property owner would be appreciated please)

Paint? Awnings? C’mon.

I thought Sullys winked out fast but in fact they were there for 3 years. I did not patronize the shop, I am really a Stillwells junkie.We haven’t crossed the threshold for yogurt yet either. I am hearing a bucket of yogurt once fully garnished and weighed is coming in at 8 dollars.

Soylent green comes to mind. I can’t get it out of my head.

Just joking , kinda.

Rachel Forrest   lives in Exeter now, perhaps she could  survey the frozen offerings and give us her opinion.

I was speaking with a real  estate fellow in Newburyport recently. He was with  pride , detailing how the Town had kept all the franchise operations out of Downtown, clustering them up on High Street near 95. I pointed across the street to their  Orange Leaf, right downtown.He blustered then “Well we kept Starbucks out!”


I thought I detected some gnashing when the Verizon store came into  our downtown( ever see anyone in there?)

Amazing to me(get around much?)  how many adults did not know Orange Leaf was a chain.

It seems  quite a clean operation, doing a nice job, but really, at some point all the little towns , will look the same,and  hardly unique.

It will just happen.