Stratham Agenda


Town of Stratham, NH

Planning Board

Gateway Commercial Zone Master Plan Committee

The Town of Stratham Gateway Commercial Zone Master Plan Committee

will conduct a Public Hearing on Thursday 1/3/08 at 7:00 p.m., at the Stratham Town Hall, 10 Bunker Hill Avenue, Stratham, NH to consider the following:

  1. Approval of Minutes of Public Forum of November 15, 2007 and Meeting of November.27, 2007.(7:00 – 7:10 PM)
  2. Discuss and agree upon changes to the draft Gateway Master Plan to reflect the results of the forum.Discuss remaining steps prior to submitting the revised document to the Planning Board for adoption by PB and set a date to make the submission. (7:10 – 7:45 PM)
  3. Paul Deschaine will apprise the committee of the present status of discussions with Exeter regarding access to water and sewer and recommend steps to be followed with a goal of reaching agreement between the towns.(7:45-8:10)
  4. Discuss milestone steps required by the committee leading to presenting new zoning to the town for a vote in March 2009.Milestone specifics,priorities and target dates will be agreed at a subsequent meeting.(8:10 – 8:45)
  5. Other (8:45 – 8:55)
  6. Agree on next meeting date(8:55 – 9:00)
  7. Adjourn (9:00)

I was told in a public meeting broadcast on Channel 22 by Russ Dean that he only had lunch with Paul. Many people watching were struck by how quickly Joe Pace spoke up to defend the “lunch”. I contend that that there are and have been substantive meetings regarding this issue. I for one will not be mollified by Selectmen saying in effect, move along folks nothing to see here, move along. This is a grab with only developers benefiting. If citizens do not become involved in this debate they will move forward. I need more citizens to weigh in on this issue. This agenda item is alot more than a casual lunch discussion. Perhaps a reader could attend the meeting in Stratham and post their impressions here on The Town Crier? I do not plan on attending a meeting in Stratham


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