Route 33 bogs down

I made the mistake of heading up RT 33 to Portsmouth yesterday. There is road widening project at the Truck Stop. Avoid it, take 95. It’s too bad the State was unable to give the truck stop an exit off 95. The new mall going in in Greenland will forever be a traffic issue with the trucks headed for the truck stop.


More elderly drivers on the horizon, in fact a whole bunch! If that new elderly, retirement, second life, life care, facility is approved in Stratham. Since these facilities seem to face no  real opposition, it will happen.

To insure the safety of someone else’s parents the road will have to be studied , hard.

So, are the plans for the new traffic lights , turn lanes, lighting at least being tossed around  at the State level? The mouth of this driveway will require a significant investment and decision. We could not get a traffic light for the new high school where one is sorely needed.



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