I am increasingly disappointed with the lack of courtesy of  drivers at this intersection. Drivers are actually speeding up as they approach this intersection from the Ioka theater. They seem to think that the car at the stop sign on Water St has no right to move through the intersection. I have had cars dive into the intersection and careen through coupled with the finger or a glare. I want this stopped . Frankly I feel many of these drivers could be cited for aggressive driving which is a traffic offense. How about a tap of your brakes rather than punching the gas? How about some courtesy? How about letting the cars turn to String Bridge thereby clearing the intersection. This intersection is not working. I wish we could get this under control as it will not get better moving forward. Oh, while we are talking traffic the String Bridge has no stop sign going up the the hill past the library. The cars crossing at the top do have stop signs, which are regularly blown off. I would like to see the Police and Town Government do some traffic calming coupled with some traffic enforcement.

String Bridge needs a lane line painted down the middle.

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