Does this resemble the detention pond that was detailed on the plans for the hockey rink? Is it being maintained, inspected? It seems to be losing some of its capacity to vegetation The sediment is supposed to be removed as well on a schedule. This pond is directly behind Stockbridge. It’s rather large outlet is directed through a swale to the creek that runs behind the funeral home. I think given the size of the roof and tilted parking lot of the hockey rink, it should have been a retention pond. I contend the Hockey Rink  was jammed through  and represents a poor site plan relative to it’s neighbors.  If you drive past Stockbridge Funeral Home towards the rink and stop your car, you will see the tipped parking lot  of the  Rink. Tipped to the end you are sitting in your car. The detention/ retention pond is too small. It also  has a drain  that is too low, it let’s too  much water out.  What I really want  is a full examination of the  process and plans that allowed the  Hockey Rink to go in with a seemingly  inadequate drainage  plan. I was front and center on that debate as they tried to place the Rink much lower on Epping Road, near the defunct Fitness Center. The Town Planner at the time was Peter Dow.