I read today we let a contract for water well work. This is not a new treatment plant, but an attempt to consolidate the water from several wells treat it on site, and then let it into the  system. One of these wells needs  it’s arsenic  treated . I understand the Selectmen asked if this should be put out to bid. It was not. It’s about 240K in total  some monies are already appropriated.

This is from Seacoast Online

The town has been analyzing the Gilman and Stadium groundwater wells for potential reactivation since 2006, after voters twice voted down a new water treatment plant, said Dean during the July meeting. Reactivation of the wells has been a standing recommendation to the town since the 1986 Whitman and Howard Report on the town’s water supply and a recommendation confirmed by the CDM Consultants Report of 2002, he said.
With $250,000 proposed, selectmen asked whether the work should be put out to bid. Dean said Weston & Sampson will act essentially as a general contractor and will bid for work where appropriate to do so.

There was a  Senate Bill SB438 that on April 16 th 2008 was deemed “inexpedient  to legislate” that means it’s a dead duck.

It was about having the subcontractors named  in your bid package. Behind the scenes  of any winning bid is a bloodbath amongst the subs. This is when the quality of the rendered work can suffer.

This Senate bill  was of course opposed by the General Contractor & Building Associations, nationwide. It was targeted to Municipal and State projects only. I think it’s sponsors were  only trying to secure quality jobs for taxpayers.