Exeter Commons / Globe Plaza

I think some serious planning mistakes might have been  made on this project. I wonder if any calculations were done  on trips per  business. I was in  the lot today, geesh! If you think it’s going to be better after construction ends forget it. I think  the lot basically is  undersized, it’s too narrow. Add in the SUV’s and other high profile vehicles  and you can’t see  for beans. There are also  lots of children, a busy parking lot. It also has alot of  people that “pull through” the parking spaces. I am sorry  but that is a personal issue with me, I don’t like it. The pull through driver usually goes too long with no visual clues to stop. Check it out they all go long. It is more difficult to enter a car this way as well. It is possibly dangerous also. If you do this at the Mall and walk between  other cars you are in jeopardy, for real trouble. This season  more than most.  I had a little  kid slam his head on my side mirror in the Globe Plaza. His Mother  was walking him  through parked cars to reach her doors from the back. She would not have had a screaming kid if she had parked correctly. It  is not safe practice  to do this  in a parking lot. I see alot of people  doing it all over, It means  that when you pull out forward it’s rather abrupt with few clues for other traffic. That’s what  your back up lights do, they signal that you are backing up. The lights signal your intention to pedestrians with children and other cars.  I see alot  of vehicles that do it  are SUV’s . Frankly if you can’t back it up maybe you shouldn’t be driving it. This is not a SUV rant, I feel sorry for anyone that has to own  one, that and pickup trucks.

It’s done now the  Rite Aid is moving forward,  but I want  to say that the calculations for  traffic were  off.

Every parking lot should have medians to prevent the lazy practice of pulling through. It’s not safe.

The lot at the Globe Plaza really  is awful and will continue to be same. I do think the Hospital is pleased. This reconfiguration of Rite Aid will cut down traffic on their driveway.They “own” Alumni/Alumnae Drive. Exeter Trivia- the hospital  owns the traffic light  at  Dunkies. I find that so weird.

The “middle” entrance to Globe Plaza is really useless. Since the parking lot is undersized you can’t shoot in  and get off Portsmouth Ave. This has you going down  to  the next entrance the Margarita’s end. This entrance is really bad. Cars coming from Dunkies don’t even tap the brakes to let you out to go back to Town. In Winter this is an icy down slope too. I go right then turn around in Flynn’s to avoid the glares. The glares from impatient drivers. These poor souls have endured the wait at the Bandstand, the wait at High  St. Then they wait at Walgreen’s, then Dunkies, now they wait for people to turn into Globe. After that  the foot is pedal to the metal. I don’t really blame them. There has been little to no  traffic  planning done  with any projects in Town. That truck entrance  to Stop & Shop is being misused  too.

Condos , a bunch , at the base of Columbus Ave. I heard no discussion by Planning or Zoning on traffic impacts. Since  there is no traffic planning  I suggest  everyone  calm down and be more polite.

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