Selectmen Candidates Forum Town Offices. While the lawn signs seem to be pointing for Bobby this Town can surprise you. I went down to the Selectmens meeting last night. It has been a long time. Bobby was there, he is getting prepared to go to work. Please  be  sure to vote this year  and mark your ballot  for Bobby Aldrich.

I threw out a low ball  number last night concerning Park&Rec revenues. I wanted the audience at home to hear the real number. Park&Rec is a gem and putting them in a line with DPW and other Town departments is unfair in my opinion. I still would like to see a top to bottom review of DPW. I have asked for years  and it has never been done. In the budget battle  for years to come the Recreation department will lose.” We need a new front end loader”  “Ok”.

I would like to know how many  hours the Town  Attorney has billed lately. Is  his weighing in necessary to prop  up employees that  should know their own game?

I heard  last night that  if the Town  loses local aid we will be shedding employees. I think that will happen looking at the Selectmens faces.

Donna writes today   in the   Newsletter that we should buy the new  sidewalk machine. OK, but can you get a guy to use  it properly?

While I am in agreement  that Roy  Morrisette should continue his retirement from the School Board. A letter writer today  in the Newsletter took  an unnecessary jab.


2 thoughts on “THIS THURSDAY 7pm

  1. Well if you were unsure of who to vote for selectman Thursday night should have convinced you. Mr Chouinard I gave you the benefit of the doubt and watched your performance on channel 22. I can not in good consience give you a vote. You are years away from having the ability to oversee a $19,000,000.00 company with over 100 employees in these turbulent economic times. You need to seriously reconsider your abilities as a leader. You came across as not having a grasp of the issues or the ability to ever grasp them.

  2. I’m new to the site but have found it interesting so far and appreciate the personal perspective on town politics and the ability to post and comment.

    I have to agree with Roger. Thursday nights forum was eye opening. There is no competition or comparison between the two candidates. If you are undecided, I would recommend watching the replays on Channel 22 this week. Mr. Chouinard lacked substance to any of his answers to the questions. Although I didn’t always agree with Mr. Aldrich, he obviously has a much better grasp on the situation in town. Whoever recruited Mr. Chouinard to run, drastically underestimated his abilities and should be embarrassed.

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