Tennis anyone?

I was surprised  to see the Planning  Board moving along with  a tennis venue on  Industrial land. I think  keeping this site for a potential  employer of workforce housing residents a better idea. I guess according  to the Tennis folks tennis is up across the Country. They say it always has a spike when times get tough . Does this  speak to Ms Corsons question   in the paper today? She  wonders what  happens if the business doesn’t meet it membership goals. I think I heard that they almost  agreed to a laser tag  proposal for   the other industrial park, near the hockey rink. Maybe it was indoor trampolines, I don’t remember, it was not industrial use. This  is the slippery slope in a down economy , anything flies. Planning, not reacting  is the mandate  of the  the Planning Board. Let’s stick to our guns. I was amazed at the parking required for the proposed tennis club, 300 spaces. Is that a problem with  the required parking equation? Is it  fluky so it makes  all developments go for a variance?

The proposed new tennis  venue  would  be utilized by the same fellow that rents our courts at the  Recreation  Park every Summer. He is not the developer but certainly a player in the deal. The Summer tennis school  he runs is the  largest in NH. One of the largest actually in all  of New England.

The last tennis  racquet  I owned was made of wood. I can  manage a few volleys here and there. It is however one of those life sports, like  golf, swimming. Unlike  hockey , and football, and baseball. You can play it a long time  if you take it easy.

I just wish  it was not going in  on industrial zoned land.

I would like to see us light  the  town courts at the recreation field. I would light the two  basket ball courts as well. The tennis courts could be on coin operated  timer. The new lights  available today  have little to no spillage. The basket ball courts would be great for  the kids.

The new thing today is  no cut tennis at High School and  College level. So no one  who tries out for the team gets cut. I guess with this new program we need more courts. The  EHS team used to use  the Town Courts before the the new school was built. Perhaps  they will begin needing the extra courts now with the no cut provision. If they do  could they do us a favor? The tennis courts at the new high school are kept locked. I  think this is still the case since I last inquired. Despite continuing  concerns about  vandalism  at the isolated campus  we have to open these facilities  up. Perhaps more people on campus on the weekend would deter  rather than foster  vandalism. The building is literally festooned with cameras anyway.

Hershey  Track & Field  Meet is  sponsored by the Exeter  Park & Recreation Dept.  They currently pay the Academy 65.00 an hour to use the Academy track. Is there any reason that this can’t be held at EHS? Can someone approach the High School  on this for me?

Synergy, Elements, Karate, Tennis  clubs, Great Bay Fitness, Public facilities. I think the prospect for the YMCA  is growing darker. If they  had been able to secure a larger amount of funding initially  it might have a chance. I don’t see it in the current climate at all.

A Golf Course purchase is better than a Y

I have suggested and will again, we should buy the Exeter Golf Course. I  see it  continuing  as a golf course  with a nice addition of  cross country skiing( life sport), and nature trails. I believe that this  parcel will turn into another huge battle like  Fort Rock Farm.  The  Town should wake up to the prospect of a developer approaching the Club with some  sort of proposal. Again , in this environment anything goes. Planning , Planning, Planning.

I posted some  stats from the assessors office on workforce housing. Exeter  is either number two or three  in the State  as to number of manufactured housing units. Frankly I do not understand  Sylvia’s comment  on  putting Exeter on the map. I have been fortunate to travel a bit . If I say I live in   Exeter this is what I hear. “Oh what a lovely Town, the Loaf and Ladle, the Academy , nice downtown” I have heard this all over the World, almost verbatim.

Here the  wiki entry for workforce housing. It  will help you understand the issue. Notice that NH  figures prominently  in the entry. Housing prices are going down.

How many years  will it take for Mr Felder to complete his project? How  many years till he begins? Is it really well thought out ? Will this  housing have income requirements? I think you introduce stigma with these special deeds and  restrictions. I also think that site is tight .

Selectmen  debate cable contract  article today in the   paper. Katherine Miller of DTC Attorneys  is quoted.  DTC? is the reporter saving space or is the acronym all we need anymore?


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