Park Street Common

This Park has been here since the 1700’s. It has always  been ringed by a cluster of homes. There was also  a store at one time. I think it was in the Bendroth Manse. Doug Dicey told me that he once screened  movies  in the Summer on the Green. Nice. It’s a jewel in our system and  is well taken care of  by the crew. The  ice skating was wonderful this year, and the  lawn that was damaged over the Winter was repaired today. The Park & Recreation  crew also  repaired damage by the  sidewalk plow to the median between the sidewalk and Epping Road. This is my neighborhood and I wondered who was going to  do the repair of that area. It was all new since the  water main project was completed. In the old  days  this would have been an issue  between Park & Recreation and the Highway  Dept. It was  good to see the Park Crew just got it done, no  hot potato . Here is little tidbit. When a  developer “gives back” to the Community  to satisfy the Planning Board. He often will  donate a little  triangle of grass. The Park & Recreation Crew has to cut it.

The water main  project is completed. I think the Park would look much better with the  Project Billboard removed,a year is long enough.

Oh, by the way, no dogs are allowed on the Park Street  Common. The Swasey as well and  I hope the placement of the  doggie poop bag station at the Water Street end of the Swasey does not  confuse visitors with dogs. There is actually a hefty fine. You know a hundred here and  a hundred there we could be talking some pretty good revenue!  I read the State is actually going to  double speeding fines. Watch your speed  and pick up the poop this Summer.


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