Press Conference Today

I went down to attend this morning at 1030, just to see what is going on. It was a Press event  but I introduced myself as a local blogger to the person  doing the  vetting. Then we had to go back outside to  enjoy the brisk  wind.

I was standing there with Lara Bricker  and some other guy just yapping about the   theater. Then I looked around  and decided not to attend the news  conference. It was just a feeling .  I guess I asked myself “why are you here?  I had no answer. The  new effort  has a web site( no content) and all present on the sidewalk  seemed full of enthusiasm.

I like the IOKA  and the  ability to pop down for a show, it’s nice. I worked with Kyle Glowacky on the Squamscott River Film . I understand his youthful  passion  for the IOKA, his love of film. I hope the  new fund raising team  will include  him in their efforts.

I just wish it was a clean deal, a guy with  deep pockets  that simply runs it as a movie house. The Music Hall  comparison is  without merit  in my opinion.

We put another  Netflix  in the mailbox  this morning, as we do most mornings. The guy across the street  has a TV that if I had  speaker I could watch it. There are tons of choices  for film, and venues throughout the Seacoast  and Newburyport.

We have  at the new High School a state of  the art theater  facility. The Middle  School also  has a nice theater. I am speaking here  of theater  productions. I had a grand tour of the IOKA  from the roof to the basement. There are significant and perhaps impossible renovations to  make it  possible to stage  theater.

Joe Pace was there today. He  is working now at UNH  trying to solicit  Corporate  Donations  for the University. It is a tough slog I am sure. In NH  we spend more  on prisons  than higher education. It is that atmosphere that  makes me wonder   if  we “should” be saving  the  IOKA. I would caution fundraisers  about fervor , it can be a huge turnoff.  I guess we have now till  July to  see if this latest gambit pays off.

Oh by the way , my donation will be  forthcoming  when they drop the Stooge Fest.

The Marx Bros would be so   much more entertaining.


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