No one is using them . Maybe they can’t see them. A neighbor mentioned crosswalks to me today. It got me to thinking about how we seem to paint them every year. Are we using cheap paint? Are we using the same stuff they use on highways. I guess not.  I think that is some special formula, it’s applied hot too. We should use that and only have to paint every few years. I guess we could ask Dig Safe or any utility guy what they use. Ever see that, all those hieroglyphics on the sidewalks and roads?Always some garish color too. That graffiti seems to last forever. I wish they used our crosswalk paint.

Jay Perkins from our Highway Dept sent me a note. We use latex paint for  marking. There  is  a link below for more than you want to know about highway paint. It classifies latex paint  as  OK for low volume roads. Does Water St qualify as low volume? Jay writes that   we  once used to used a chlorinated rubber paint, but stopped  due to environmental concerns. I think a test cross walk is in order with epoxy paint. It takes longer to dry  than latex but holds up better. Maybe we should let a contract for this painting to a firm that can guarantee the work  and uses the latest  stuff. I am big fan of putting stuff out to bid. Big fan , big.


One thought on “Crosswalks

  1. Jay called and told me that we employ glass beads in the latex paint. Great, it just seems to me that it is not holding up too good.

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