IOKA RALLY Campaign announces a Family-friendly Community
RallyExeter: Please join us this Sunday, May 3 at Swasey Parkway in
Exeter, NH at 2:00 p.m. for a family friendly, town hall-style
community gathering, hosted by the volunteers of both the campaign and the supporting community non-profit
group.On April 23 Emmy and Peabody award winning producer Marc Murai
signed a preliminary intent to purchase agreement with Immer Besser
LLC, current owner of the IOKA ® Theater located at 55 Water Street
in Exeter, NH. At that time demolition of the interior of the theater
had already begun. The agreement brought an immediate stop to any and
all further demolition of the IOKA ® Theater and allows Murai until
May 6 to raise $10,000 to put down as a non-refundable good faith
deposit, which will be applied towards the purchase of the theater
upon the signing of a purchase and sales agreement. Once the deposit
is paid, a purchase and sales agreement must be signed by July 9, 2009
or the deposit will be forfeited. During that 60 day period, the plan
for the ownership and operation of the IOKA ® as a modern digital and
performing arts space will be developed.This Sunday’s rally will
introduce all of our community organizers and supporters and will also
serve as an informational presentation to the public on the current
progress of the grass-roots campaign. The public will also have the
opportunity to ask questions of campaign manager, Marc Murai. Live
music and food will be available. So pack up the family or grab a
friend and come on down to the Swasey Parkway, because the time has
come for You to help save the historic IOKA ® Theater… Once and for
all.To learn more about our efforts please visit
or contact Wendie Leweck co-campaign manager at 603.770.5282 or

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