The Ocean State

If you have never visited and explored the Rhode  Island Shore you are missing a real treat. The water  is  warmer, the fish can be seen from the docks. I went on a private charter once out of Point Judith. I had to meet some people so I was early. Standing on the dock  was amazed at the clarity  of the water. It was like being in an aquarium. We need to make a greater effort here in NH  to keep our end up.

I am a subscriber to a monthly magazine called Northeast  Boating. It  was once named Offshore Magazine. It is a big joke here about how excited I get when a new one arrives. Our own Lara Bricker is a regular contributor. She recently had  a great article  on Rye Harbor and Odiorne Point.When this rain stops  we hope to be  out on  the  water. My only boating this week has been dinghy paddling to switch on the bilge pump

In one of the last issues of the  magazine I read an  article about the completion of a far sighted public works project. It’s intent, to protect Narragansett Bay. The project is complete through phase 1 and  has passed  the test of eliminating CSO’s (combined sewerage overflows) into the Bay from the phase 1 area. I  was not aware  of this project and read no  news at all  about its conception nor completion. This project could be replicated here on the Seacoast. It is  light years beyond the concept of the “Big Pipe”.  It is also way beyond the backslapping for the Route101 paving project.

It is also  logical, and straight forward in concept and execution. The best part is it’s  all done  underground, way under. Here are some links for  your study. I was also struck by the  content on the Narragansett Bay Commission   Web site. It would seem that they have the  mission right  and the best people in place. The State of NH should  consult with RI on this project. This should be  the model for coastal  communities with CSO’s and Bays

Graphic of system

More information

You can now if you are interested find  lot’s more information. There are stories about the  tunneling machine(custom) all sorts of  press.

Now this  is something I could get behind, much more so than Route 101 paving.

All the green designations are important, but it’s the blue  that  should be of paramount concern.


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