Luann Faber

If you stroll  down to Stewart Park on the banks of the Squamscott you will see the new “Turtle Nursery” sign. I have a picture of it. This sign  however and another  recognizing  the work of  Luann Faber are the more important signs. I am sure given the amount of time that Luann is at the Park , the turtles will be fine. It is great that Park & Recreation responded with the whimsical signs. Luann got some mulch as well  in the last few weeks. That was a bit touch and go I heard, mulch no mulch (budget concerns). I have seen her there as the Sun comes up and goes down, she has not only adopted the park , she has embraced it. I know that about the Town there are many examples of this adopt a spot/park  program. This is simply the one  I  visit  frequently.  This is either the second  or third year  that Luann has  worked her magic, and it really shows. Say hello to Luann  next time  you are down at Stewart Park.


update July 1

I ran into Bette Henneberry down at Stewart Park, out for her stroll.  We were discussing some stuff. The mulch came up.  It seems Bette is responsible for  collecting a few donations from downtown for mulch. She has just a little left to purchase to complete the job. Nice.

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