Incredible to me

Since last weekend I have seen 3 instances of children on the laps of guys and gals mowing lawns. Each year about 9000 children under the age of 18 are injured in mower accidents. Don’t mow unless the little kids are under someones supervision. Don’t let Grampy give them rides, don’t you do it. I am not going to post the latest gruesome stories.As we head off on the great adventure of a National Health Care System is this too much to ask?

Can we all at least try to act in a safe manner.

I just read about a poor soul that drowned in Concord. He was in a kayak that overturned, no life preserver and he did not know how to swim. Swimming, I consider that a basic life skill for survival. There is a very good chance you may need it . If you don’t know how or your kids don’t, sign up for a swimming class this Summer.

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