low tech rain gauge

UPDATE; my little gauge read 3 inches exactly.

I can hear  the Swasey Parkway Concert, the sound drifts up over the hill. Nice they  are getting it in before  the deluge.Next Summer you will have a  public toilet facility down there, I promise you .  I am working on  it.  I am going to  employ composting  units, all that “green”  buzz will   help .   I have been given  the go ahead from  Lara, Jay  and Don the Trustees to  get all the information , costs,  to bring it  to the Town. This  is needed  and it will get done. I may be putting the  arm on you   for support , votes , and  if  the Town( fellow citizens)  won’t play, money.

More later,


2 thoughts on “low tech rain gauge

  1. Hold it...

    Great idea. Check out the facilities at Crane’s Beach in Ipswich. Full composting facilities, no odor, very high use.

  2. Mike

    Salisbury Reservation has them installed as well as the rest area on 95 south over the line. It’s the only way to go. Most people that travel have used them now. There is a bit to work out. Today I will have some drawings and costs from Clivus, based on information I submitted. Clivus is considered the benchmark. If you are “nosing ” around the route 95 rest area does have some odors. This actually is not the composters, it’s the bathroom.Aiming issues? Salisbury is odor free. I have not been to Crane’s in the last few years. Thanks for that Ken.


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