I went to a lovely village by the Ocean  here in NH to buy a dinghy a few years ago. The fellow was moving. We had to go into his basement to  get the small  outboard motor that was included. I commented  on the beautiful  basement room I spotted. It was  a large L shaped room all done to the nines with a walk out to the yard. This was in addition to a “regular'” basement.”Thanks” he said” “The assessor never caught this  the whole time I have lived here” He smiled like a fox. I let it go. I would imagine we have a  few attics  that have been redone here in Town. Those man caves too I hear  so much about or is that just some guy dreaming? If you  have added living space it should be reflected on your  tax card. You tax card is  public information. Have you checked yours lately?

The deal  is no income tax, pay property tax. That’s  the deal right ? That’s the nut of the  “pledge” all the pols have to take when running for the top job in New  Hampshire. You could keep this  little funding farce going longer  if you at least paid your bills in your own hometown. I think that even with a return to normal in 2-3 years  this system is doomed  because it does not foster   citizenship.  I mean c’mon ducking the  tithe is no way to roll.

I want to see some equity in the system. It is patently unfair  to have your neighbor pay your bill if its space you are living in and enjoying.


One thought on “Brouhaha

  1. If the assessor doesn’t know about it, chances are it means he didn’t pull any permits when the work was done. Chances also are that his homeowners insurance company will laugh like hyenas if he has a claim based on something that happens “down there.”

    What goes around comes around.

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